Charles W. Kesler, MFA

Asheville, North Carolina

Don't cast the first stone or even the last stone. Cast your vote. A thought provoking look into the mind of an insane artist. Water color, mixed media, computer graphics and oil paint, blend togother in a jelly roll of memories and quips. "A good way to reach a goal is to lean in the direction of where you want to be." Charlie's artwork leans over the edge, but manages to land your imagination, smack dab in the cat's milk. Charlie graduated with a MFA from the East Carolina University School of Art.

"Recovery", 28"x32", Water Color

Failure is not falling down, it's staying there.

"Cyclist", 13"x20", Oil, Mixed Media

The energy of Lance Armstrong on the Grandfather Mountain cycle course.

"Grief", 32" 40", Oil, Mixed Media

No target is so easy to hit as the heart.

"Life's Changes", 28"x32", Water Color, Mixed Media

Life's only constant is change.

"Snow over Grandfather Mtn", 13 " x20", Oil, Mixed Media

The misty peak of Grandfather can see snow in June.

"Separation", 32" 36 ", Oil

When the pane of love is shattered, the separation is distinct and cutting as shards of glass.

"Mood Swing ", 28 "x 34 ", Oil, Mixed Media

Often our subconscious will pick up on situations before our heart does.

"Modesty", 32" 40", Oil, Mixed Media


"Drawing Board at Pura Vida"

Many fun images are produced on-site at Pura Vida.